5 skills and drills with the Zephyr 4 airtrack

The Zephyr 4 is 3' x 10' x 4".  It's a perfect airtrack to pick when starting a home gym for gymnastics, cheer, or parkour training.  You do have to compromise in regards to length and thickness but there are still plenty of skills and drills to be trained. Here's 5 that we suggest:

1) Flexibility and Stretching

Airmats are perfect for regular stretching, flexibility, and yoga.  Softer and more forgiving inflatable mats are actually preferable in some cases.  Especially, hard bridges and poses that lead to falling before being mastered.

2) Standing back handsprings

The back handspring is a staple for gymnasts and cheerleaders alike.  With the extra bounce, airtrack mats are perfect for practicing.

Softer surface leads to less repetition injuries on joints as well.

3) Leap series and Split Leaps

Beam and Cheer coaches love airtrack mats for athletes to practice their leaps and jumps.  The extra bounce means more time in the air to practice full extension.

4. Standing Back Tucks

You don't even have to be a gymnast or cheerleader to want to do a standing back tuck.  This is a skill that crosses all sports.  The Zephyr 4 is perfect for developing and practicing this iconic skill.

5. Tumbling

This is the first point of compromise. At 10' long, tumbling can still be practiced.  If this is your primary skill you're wanting to practice, you should look at the Zephyr 8