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Brand: Scoprega

Electric Pump

Durable electric pump works for all AirTrack style and sizes.


Brand: Scoprega

Manual Pump

Durable manual foot pump includes built in manometer.  Works for all AirTrack style and sizes.



Brand: Rx Smart Gear

RX Smart Gear Jump Rope AIR Jumping Mat

Small target air mat engineered in collaboration with Rx Smart Gear for premium jump rope training.  Intended to be used on it's own or in combination with our other airmats....



Brand: Zephyr Airmat

Track Connect

Connect your Zephyr 8's together! The foam core offers additional stability and sturdiness for an unparalleled training experience.


Brand: Zephyr Airmat

Vinyl Track Connect

Easily connect your Zephyr 8's or Zephyr 4's together for a longer training surface!


Brand: zephyrairmat

Zephyr 3

Small target air mat perfect for use for plyometrics, conditioning, or stabilization drills.  Intended to be used on it's own or in combination with our other airmats. Warranty2 year manufacturer...


Brand: zephyrairmat

Zephyr 4

Whether your building muscle for Crossfit or Body Sculpting, working stabilization drills for rehabbing old injury, needing a comfortable place to stretch, or training speed drills for chosen sport.The Zephyr...


Brand: zephyrairmat

Zephyr 8

Wider and thicker than standard airmats.  The Zephyr 8 is perfect for athletes that want to incorporate more gymnastics or movement into their workouts. 16 feet long means it's easier...


Brand: zephyrairmat

Zephyr 8 Pro

By demand we've created the 20' long Zephyr 8 Pro is perfect for athletes wanting to take their tumbling and training to the next level with added surface length.   Our...


Brand: zephyrairmat

Zephyr Bundle

For those who want the joy of customizing the length of your mat. Here is an option where you get both the Zephyr 3 and Zephyr 4.This set contains a...