5 Benefits to Training on Inflatable Mats

The benefits to tumbling on air are extremely intuitive.  That said, sometimes the most obvious answers can be missed.  Here are 5 reasons why you should consider training on air over standard foam mats:

1) Reduction of repetition injuries

Ask anyone over the age of 60 how their bodies feel from years of tumbling on rubber mats or better yet here's a video from an ex-Dutch Olympian.  There hasn't been a lot of scientific work to back up what I believe is pretty intuitively known: Softer surfaces mean softer impact which means longevity for athletes joints.

2) Longer training sessions, faster progression.

It's the concept of 10,000 hours to become an expert. Practice, practice, practice.  Making it easier for athletes to train means they can train longer. More repetition, more training, faster progression.

Also keep in mind that AirTracks are NOT trampolines.  This means that the transition from AirTrack to floor will be faster and quicker than trampoline to floor.

3) More bounce than traditional foam mats.

There's nothing wrong with a little help when learning new skills.  Foam mats provide little to no rebound assistance making it all the more difficult when trying to land that brand new skill.  AirTrack mats can provide that bit of bounce needed to keep progressing.  

Check out the 8 inch tumbling mats in our catalog to see how the thicker mats can help with more bounce.

4) They're more convenience than foam mats

Foam mats only fold or collapse to a certain point.  AirTrack mats roll up and fit under beds, in drawers, or up on shelves.  Even the largest AirTrack mats can fold down to a reasonable size.  

5) They're fun!

When tumbling is fun, young kids will do more of it.  No pressure needed to get outside and away from the tv.  No twisting arms to practice skills outside of gymnastics or cheerleading practice. Fun is your ally.

How can you not enjoy tumbling on the beach?