Birthday Present for Gymnast

Finding the perfect birthday present for a gymnast or cheerleader can be intimidating.  Gymnastics equipment and shapes can be very specialized and dependent on the skills they are training now - tomorrow they may outgrow them. 

That's where the Zephyr 4 and Zephyr 8 excel.  Here's 3 attributes that make AirTrack mat the perfect birthday present:

1) Grows with the gymnast.

Unlike certain specialized gymnastics mats, Zephyr mats grow with the athlete.  Young athletes may practice handstands, forward rolls, and backward rolls.  Older athletes flipping, bounding, and tumbling.

Even ex-gymnasts can use airmats for fitness and cross-training.  


2) Stores away, under bed or in closet

Every gymnastics parent knows the pain of home gyms.  Your prized home is consumed with bars, beams, and mats.  Say good bye to that sitting room or guest room.

Zephyr mats store easily and quickly.  Your young gymnast is getting the best training equipment while you get to keep your home.

3) Price and Quality

Fitness equipment is widespread and numerous.  It's hard to know what you're buying and if it'll last.  An aggressive 2 year manufacturer warrant with repair and servicing options give confidence in buying.