How to Trouble Shoot Inflatable Mats

The following is a question and answer guide to products that use Air Floor Technology.

Q. After inflating my air unit I noticed all these bumps or “dimples” on the surface of the unit. Is this normal?

A. This is normal. A pull of the threads inside causes the “dimples”. It does not interfere with the properties or efficiency of the unit.

Q. What is the right firmness for my unit?

A. That depends on the level of your athletes. For younger athletes you will want the unit softer than for older athletes. One way to check for correct firmness is to try different firmnesses and get feedback from your athletes. For advanced athletes, sometimes making the unit firmer will deliver a quicker and faster rebound. The unit may be too firm if an adult coach can jump on the unit and not touch bottom.

Q. When my athletes use the unit they bottom out. Is this normal?

A. This is also normal. Most of the units are 4-8” thick. When used the athlete will likely bottom out if they block or rebound with lots of force. That is why we recommend that you DO NOT use the units by themselves on top of a hard surface.

Q. When I came in the gym the next day the unit was soft. What should I do?

A. The units should hold air well for your daily workout, but not overnight. You will have to check your unit each day and top it off as necessary. Many factors come into play over a 24 hour period including changes in heat and cold and air pressure systems. The unit may also become softer due to heavy usage (like a bike tire that becomes softer after heavy usage). With this in mind, your unit may be a little softer at the end of a heavy workout.

Q. But what if it is getting softer just after an hour or two?

A. This is not normal. Please see the following steps to test your unit. (Please note that Zephyr AirMat is not responsible for cuts or leaks due to negligence. Charges may apply for Zephyr AirMat to repair such items.)

1) Test the valve. Make sure it is in the “closed” position (see the instructions page). If your unit leaked air when you took the hose off of the valve, the valve is not in the closed position. Make sure the valve is closed and re-inflate the unit. 
2) Look inside the valve. Are there some fibers coming out of the bottom of the valve? These will give the unit a slow leak. Call Zephyr AirMat if this is the case. (775) 453-6156
3) If the unit continues to get soft quickly: Inflate the unit again. Spray the unit down with some soapy water (mild liquid dish detergent with water). Start with the valve area, then go to the seams, then the velcro (if applicable), and then continue around the unit. If an area makes continuous bubbles you have found a leak.

Q. What do I do now that I found the leak? What if I can’t find a leak? What is covered under the warranty?

A. Air Floor Technology units have a warranty of 24 months against any manufacturer’s defects. This covers leaks due to the valve and seams. Zephyr AirMat will repair or replace the units at the shipping cost of the customer. The warranty does not include cuts or leaks due to the negligence of the customer, their clients, or personnel, or outside the warranty time frame (an extra fee will apply to fix these units). With either case Zephyr AirMat wants your unit to work and to work well and will be glad to send you an air floor repair kit. Please call Zephyr AirMat for the appropriate patch or for any other questions or problems. (775) 453-6156.