The Benefits of an Inflatable Mat Over a Foam Mat

Whether your child has Olympic medal aspirations or you are looking to transform your fitness routine, having a space to train at home can offer more consistency in your fitness goals. An at-home practice can improve confidence, progress skills, and increase strength. Investing in a mat is the first step to creating a safe place for your family to practice and further their development. Contrary to the name, gymnastics mats are crucial pieces of equipment to support the safe practice of many other disciples such as cheer, martial arts, parkour, dance, cirque, and fitness.

Knowing which mat to invest in for your family can be overwhelming. At AirTrack Shop, we specialize in producing sleek polished AirTracks that you can trust. As sports are evolving so must our equipment! Foam mats are great for larger institutions with ample space, but for your home practice, training on air with an inflatable mat is key to transforming your workout. 

Inflatable mats are the BEST investment for your home training!

Prevent Injuries!

The most important consideration for the longevity of any athlete is SAFETY. Inflatable mats provide a more supportive landing surface by softening the landing and absorbing your energy on impact. Training on traditional foam mats can slap, sting, and eventually lead to an injury if the skill is not performed properly. Inflatable mats provide a safe and cushioned pad for practice while still challenging your athlete with a greater rebound than foam mats. Train harder and safer with our Zephyr Airmat!

Customize your training!

Rather than investing in multiple foam mats with different levels of firmness, you can purchase ONE inflatable mat to customize your training surface to your needs and skill level. Whether you’re drilling tumbling passes or working on stabilization drills for rehabbing an injury, inflatable mats adjust to your needs. Quickly and easily modify the pressure of the mat to accommodate your training goals: general fitness, sport performance, corrective exercises, etc. The versatility of an inflatable mat supports all disciplines and serves all levels and ages.

Less storage, more time to practice!

Finding space in your home to train can be challenging! Foam mats are bulky and difficult to store away when not in use. With an inflatable mat, you can begin training is less than 2 minutes with easy breakdown and storage. When not in use, simply deflate the mat and fold away in our carry bag. Easily transportable, you can take your training outside or share your skills with a friend. This lightweight mat can be moved from room to room and closet to car! Take your training anywhere with an inflatable mat!

Tumble, flip, jump, and dance your way to first place! Training on air with a Zephyr Airmat, provides a safe and challenging surface for any athlete seeking to smash their goals and take their skills to the next level. Throw out that old foam mat and #owntheair with our handmade AirTracks made with top material quality and superior craftsmanship. Order your inflatable mat today and make training fun for the whole family. Invest in a mat that continues to evolve with your training!